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"1st session tonight, very comprehensive assessment of the injury. Great treatment with clear explanations of what the cause is, what treatment was being carried out, and why. Afterwards, very detailed homework and explanations of the exercises. Clearly, a very experienced practitioner certainly going back. Highly recommended". Paul, 33, Hereford

"I took my 9-year-old gymnast to see John today for a knee assessment. He knew exactly what was wrong and was brilliant with her. I would recommend it to anyone in the future and will definitely be returning". Nicki, 29, Hereford

"Outstanding. Over the years, I have seen many physios and sports therapists, even Carl Lewis’ physio once. John Richards is brilliant and a leader in his field - an incisive eye and sensible therapies that work. A shoulder problem I had had for over twelve years is history, knee better and hip on the mend. As a doctor, I’m happy to say that his approach makes perfect sense from a physiological perspective. I wish I’d met him earlier. Thank you." Simon 50, Hereford

"Saw positive results straight away after treatment on my painful runner's knee, after several not-so-positive visits to the doctor! Excellent service, highly recommended!" :-) Sue, 45 Hereford

"Hi John, thank you so much for the sports massage today. The swelling has decreased considerably, and it feels comfortable for the first time since the surgery. The circulation is feeling better too! For anyone reading this, I would highly recommend John - feeling very positive about the future and heading towards being able to walk again!"

Millie, 22, Hereford

"Simply brilliant. Thank you, John".

Mark, 39, Hereford

​"I've had back and hip problems for nearly ten years now. The NHS could not find the problem, therefore, subscribed to strong painkillers. I went to see john, who suggested muscle manipulation along with acupuncture. I was a little sceptical, to say the least, as doctors have been unsuccessful in the past; after the first session, I had around 60-70% improvement in pain and thought this would not last long; however,  I've had three sessions with him now and feel I'm now seeing an answer to my problem with decreasing pain. In a word, I cannot recommend john highly enough and would like to say thanks."  Marc, 38, Hereford

"Very professional and knowledgeable. I definitely wouldn't have been able to complete my first marathon without John unknotting my quad and calf muscles!! Definitely recommend and wish I lived closer, so I could go back in the future!" 

Anna, 25, London

"After just one session with John, I am almost pain-free. John is very professional and knowledgeable - and not to forget; he really has that magic touch!! Thank you, John, for all your help so far!" 

Angela, 40, Hereford

"Very professional and knowledgeable! Great after-care and value for money! Wouldn't go anywhere else". Anna, 28, Hereford

"John helped me get back to running after nearly a year off while I suffered from shin splints. His commitment and thoroughness in tackling the root of my problem and all the advice he gave were awesome. 100% recommend him".

Jean, 25, Hereford

"Top bloke! Told me what could be wrong with my shoulder after two and a half years of having physio! Will deffo be going back and 100% recommend John to anyone!!"  Shaun, 27, Hereford

"Very professional and knowledgeable.
I was in agony with a bad shoulder. John knew exactly the problem and treated me accordingly. He gave me exercises to do at home, which I did, and by the time of my next appointment, I was almost fully cured. This ended months of pain. Highly recommended". G
raham, 35, Hereford

"All I can say is I went to see John with an injury I've had for over 12 months; when I left, I was feeling 90% better, and with John's advice and stretching exercises, he gave me the other 10% is mine to do. I would definitely recommend him!" Darren, 40, Leominster

"Went to John as I was suffering from a knee injury. Huge improvements were made after just one session. Really informative, and lots of information was given to help with the recovery. I would definitely recommend it". Daniel, 28, Hereford

I started seeing John following a frustrating few months trying to resolve a painful lower back and hip problem. Being a keen runner engaging in long distance events I was keen to address my injury as soon as possible. I had tried various options, including osteopathy and extensive sports massage. Neither resolved the problem. John immediately diagnosed the primary cause of my problem on my first visit. After only 3 sessions I am back running again! He is very reasonably priced and encourages clients to do his recommended exercises over a period of time before returning for further assessment. Thus reducing the cost of unnecessary appointments. I would highly recommend John. He achieves excellent results and is obviously passionate about his work. He is engaging with his clients and has a genuine desire to help them return to full fitness. Rachel, 44, Hereford

"I used John to combat a niggling Shin Splint and Achilles problems I had been suffering, painfully, for nearly 12 months. John suggested an Acupuncture program, which I was initially sceptical of, but the results have been remarkable. After just six sessions, I am now experiencing little to no pain. I could not recommend both this and John more highly. I shall soon be returning to physical exercise; as a result, cheers, John". Simon, 31, Hereford


"I have been suffering from my back for over 10 yrs and have attended chiropractors & osteopaths, but they have just treated the symptoms. In my 1st session with John, he found the cause! What a relief!!! I highly recommend this form of therapy!!!" Kim, 34, Hereford


"The Muscle Whisperer”
"I have seen John every month for almost two years. Without exception, the most knowledgeable and capable therapist I have ever been treated by. He has treated several injuries over the past couple of years and has never failed to get me back to full fitness in record time. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who has any sports-related injuries or those who are highly active and require some maintenance. A first-class therapist that delivers first-class results every time!!" Dunc, 42, Hereford


"After experiencing pain in two areas of my back, I went to see john. Two issues were discovered and addressed individually with a complete explanation of the issues and how to treat them at home, along with therapy performed by him. A month off training was recommended, along with rehab. At first, I was uncertain whether this would be the right move, but I stuck with it, and under his supervision, I am now completely pain-free and performing again! Not only that. After a short two months, I beat an old personal best by 20kg! With a lot more to come. Highly Recommended!"  Joe, 23, Hereford


"Just off for another session with John as he continues to look after me during my marathon challenge! The previous treatment has been exceptional. This man knows so much about his subject and is one of the easiest professionals I have ever known to communicate with. Not one part of his session isn't exactly what you need! Topman, top therapist! Get in touch with him if you want your body working better!! Thank you, John, so so much".

Matt, 26, Hereford


"Excellent service, great pricing, will be back". Richard, 28, Hereford


"Thanks for my treatment, John! I have been having problems with my neck for well over a month, and after some professional poking and prodding, I feel good as new. Not only does John give you your money's worth, but he also gives you whatever you need to maintain the correction he has done, which is invaluable. It was my first EVER massage, so I was terrified, but he made me feel comfortable and generally less terrified of everything. Thanks, John!"

 Sophie, 24, Hereford


"A great experience, the in-depth conversation of the cause of the problem, etc., nothing to get confused about. Top guy if you have an injury! Just awesome". Dave, 19, Hereford


"As a regular and sadly ageing rugby player, I'm forever struggling with the typical tight hamstrings, sore muscles, and any other unfortunate injuries I've incurred. I'm a regular customer of Johns, having a monthly "maintenance massage" covering all major muscle groups as well as being tortured with the bamboo on my hamstrings. Pain aside, I leave feeling fantastic, and as a result, I notice an increase in my performance. I highly recommend John to anyone; his knowledge and treatments have been invaluable in my quest to continue playing rugby on a regular basis".  

Chris, 29, Hereford

"John is a very professional guy who knows his stuff and is very passionate about his work. He is easy to talk to about both bodily problems and general conversation, which puts you at ease and comfortable. Not to mention his good sense of humour!" Max, 29, Hereford

"I had my first appointment with John yesterday and was really impressed by his knowledge and understanding of my needs. Very clear instructions with progressive exercises to help alleviate some of my more broken pieces. 
I will regularly attend his practice and highly recommend him to anyone looking for Sports Therapy". Aaron, 28, Hereford

"Spot on diagnosis and treatment. Needed it more than I knew, pain relief AND a range of movement back in my shoulder. Just moved house and back in the gym, without any lifting problems. Pro". Fabio, 30, Hereford


My left calf has been giving me pain for months, and deep pain in the back of the calf is just agony after a day on my feet.
I went to the doc, and they just said it's not a DVT and to take some painkillers - well, that was months ago, and the pain just stayed there - so I asked john for a massage, and after fifteen minutes, the pain had dissipated - still a bit sore but much better than just masking the pain with pain killers which I didn't even have to take today- so thanks John and keep up the good work".

Ian, 54, Shrewsbury​​


"Hi, John. I would like to thank you for strapping up my Achilles. This tape has been through 4 showers, a gym session, and 45 mins in the pool, and it's still holding strong. My ankle feels so supported, and I actually woke up this morning without any pain! Topman!!"  Jonny, 32, Hereford

"I had my first appointment with John today, having run the Grand Union Canal Race (145 miles) at the weekend. He reduced the swelling and stiffness in my legs using plenty of elbow grease! My legs feel so much better this evening, none of the swellings has returned, and I cannot wait to see how they feel in the morning. I should be back up and running this weekend and will return to see John for maintenance appointments from now on. Highly recommended!" Georgina, 39, Hereford

"Thank you, John, for sorting my neck/back out. You did an amazing job, and I will be back. The tape has stayed on really well, too, and after two rounds of golf at weekend, I never felt a thing". Lisa, 34, Kington, Hereford

"Booked an appointment with John to work on my hamstring, which had a grade 2 tear back in March. With the colder weather coming on, it was starting to give me concerns & did not want another injury at my age (mid 40's). John took plenty of time to gather the necessary background information to establish what I was hoping for & what he could offer. Firstly, he went through exercises to do at home after the appointment and thoroughly ensured I was doing them correctly. The once-established situation gave some intensive massage & manipulation to loosen, reduce, and remove the scar tissue that was inside & boy, there were some big lumps. Felt the benefits of this immediately on my walk home afterwards as I did not feel myself having occasional awkward steps because of a pang of pain. John has booked in a second session to see how things have progressed & to pass on strengthening tips to continue the rehabilitation. Very knowledgeable & professional but also very friendly too. He gets to know you more as a person than for whatever reason you have booked to see him". Mike, 45, Hereford

"As a personal trainer, it is imperative that I am able to perform at a high standard at a full range of movement; for over a year, I have had pain in my hip and adductors, causing pain and discomfort when performing certain exercises. Other sports therapists have been able to treat the immediate course, but it has always returned. John's simple yet effective method of treatment as well as his exceptional home and aftercare, not only relieved the pain but empowered and educated me on how to prevent it with some very simple rehab exercises. As a result, I am able to lift more than I ever have before in the gym and training feels pain-free and enjoyable once again. John is my go-to recommendation for Impact Fitness clients". Jodie, 24, Hereford

"John does have magic hands. I was in such pain all these years until John put all the muscles in the right place. It only takes a few minutes. Been given after massage training that keeps the muscles in check. My experience with john Richard's sports therapy was on a highly professional level with the knowledge, and his early detection of my symptoms was surprising for me.
Highly recommended". Pavol, 34, Hereford

Johns knowledge has been invaluable in getting me back to running after a knee injury. He took the time to listen to potential causes of the injury and then drilled down into specific ways to fix the problem through a series of tailored exercises to suit me. He explained each exercises thoroughly and why each one would benefit recovery and I will definitely be taking his advice into my future training. Would definitely recommend John to anyone looking for a professional, knowledgeable sports therapist. Joe, 25, Hereford

** All reviews posted via Google & Facebook - John Richards Sports Therapy **

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